iStock_000009321683XSmallDespite best efforts brushing and flossing, it is difficult for the average person to keep their teeth completely clean by themselves over time.  Dental plaque and staining build up on the tooth surfaces at different rates in different mouths.  Given time, these deposits can be more and more difficult to remove with simple home care.  The buildup of plaque, tartar, staining and the like can lead to other dental problems such as gingivitis and tooth decay.  For this  reason, a regular cleaning by dental professional is recommended about every 6 months.  A simple cleaning is one of the best measures you can take to prevent against dental disease.

At Buxton Family Dental, our team can provide a gentle cleaning that can help ensure your dental health.  A typical dental cleaning takes no longer that 30 minutes, but we’ll take whatever time is required to give you that clean feeling and a brighter smile.

A typical cleaning involves the following:

1. Evaluation of your teeth’s supporting tissues.

2. Removal of unwanted deposits and stains with hand instruments and/or ultrasonic instruments for extra comfort and efficiency.

3. Polishing of every tooth surface and flossing.

4. Personalized instruction and recommendations for your mouth.

Sometimes things have progressed to the point that a simple cleaning won’t suffice.  Gingival recession, bone loss, bleeding gums, bad breath, etc. are all signs that you may have what is commonly called ‘gum disease’.  In these situations we recommend scaling and root planing (sometimes called a ‘deep cleaning’).  We begin each cleaning with a thorough evaluation of your tissues to evaluate what kind of cleaning is best for you.  Click here to read more about this kind of treatment.

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