Odds are you’ve experienced a dental filling before – most people have.  Teeth can be damaged in several ways, most commonly by decay.  If the damage is minimal, the tooth can be easily repaired back to its normal form and function with a filling.  After making you comfortable with local anesthetic, we remove the decay , clean the exposed areas of tooth, place the filling, and polish it.

There are several different filling materials available:

Amalgam fillings are sometimes called “silver” or “mercury” fillings.  They are still in use today, but growing less common.  Amalgam is seldom requested by patients nowadays due to the disagreeable appearance compared to the more esthetic options available with modern dentistry.

Composite is the most common filling material in use today.  These are the tooth-colored fillings that give a more natural appearance.  At Buxton Family Dental, we mostly use composite for our patient’s fillings.

The two filling materials mentioned above are placed directly in the mouth at the same time the decay is cleaned out.  In some cases, we will have a lab custom create the filling material out of gold or porcelain.  This is reserved for cases that require a larger filling than can be adequately created directly in the mouth.

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