Root canals get a bad rap in our society, but they are actually a great solution to one of the mouth’s most common maladies.

The innermost layer of a tooth is called the pulp.  The pulp contains the nerve and blood vessels that give the tooth feeling and nourishment.  If the pulp becomes damaged by decay or trauma it can become infected and inflamed.  This inflammation within the tooth causes pressure on the nerve which leads to intense pain.  This is what causes most toothaches.  The best treatment for this situation is a root canal.  The alternative is usually extraction of the tooth.

The damaged tissue within the pulp is gently removed and the tooth is cleansed before a special material called gutta percha is use to seal the tooth off from further infection.  If its a back tooth that is treated, it will usually need a crown to reinforce the tooth after root canal treatment.  Its less common to crown a front tooth that has had a root canal, but it depends on how much of the tooth was originally damaged.

Root canals are usually a very comfortable procedure despite what you may have heard.  The most common complaint is that they can require a a longer appointment than say a simple filling.  At Buxton Family Dental we do our best to make you comfortable for any procedure, even root canals.

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