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What's the difference between bonding and veneers?

Bonding and veneers are used to improve the appearance of your most visible teeth.

Sometimes these teeth have had multiple fillings that are staining and wearing out. Other times there are unsightly gaps, cracks, or malformations. When other treatments such as orthodontics or teeth whitening won’t solve the problem, veneers and bonding are great solutions.

“Bonding” is actually a reshaping of the teeth using composite, the same material we use for a typical white filling. Your natural teeth may be altered slightly to make room for a thin layer of composite that Dr. Buxton adds and contours to blend with your natural tooth structure. The procedure is usually completed in one appointment with the occasional additional appointment for touchups and adjustments.

Veneers follow a similar concept as bonding, but the veneer is actually custom-made made by our dental lab out of porcelain. The first appointment involves preparing the teeth for the veneer and then making a mold of your teeth for the lab to work with. The second appointment is dedicated to cementing the veneers permanently into place. Veneers cost more than bondings, but they are typically more durable and can look slightly more natural than bonding.

If you’d like to know what kind of cosmetic options will best meet your needs, please schedule an appointment with us at Buxton Family Dental.

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