Dental Emergencies in Fort Collins CO

A dental emergency can be painful, embarrassing or in extreme situations dangerous to your overall health and somehow they seem to occur at the most inconvenient times! 

If you are currently experiencing a dental emergency give us a call at Buxton Family Dental as soon as possible.  We do our best to see all emergencies the same day so the earlier you call the better!  Even if your emergency seems minor, we're happy to take your call and walk you through things.  If you are a patient of record and your emergency is after usual hours, call our office for information on how to contact one of our team members for assistance.

Dental emergencies vary in severity.  The sooner we see you in our office the sooner we can determine what treatment is needed to remedy your situation.  Many emergencies can be resolved on the same day.  If your emergency is more than an easy fix we'll at least take the necessary steps to get you comfortable and make plans for final treatment. 

Here are some common tips for handling your dental emergency until we can see you:

  • Keep your mouth as clean as possible.  Floss and brush around the aggravated tooth if possible.  Avoid sugary or acidic food or drink and rinse with a mild mouthwash or warm saltwater.  
  • Teeth can only feel one thing - pain!  Avoid any stimulus that bothers the tooth more such as chewing or drinking cold beverages.  Try not to aggravate an upset tooth even more.  
  • If the discomfort becomes constant or unbearable, use an appropriate over-the-counter pain medication.  An anti-inflammatory such as Ibuprofen tends to work well.  As always, follow the medication instructions carefully.
  • Your local pharmacy has temporary dental filling material and cement.  This can work surprisingly well to temporarily replace a lost filling or recement a crown that has come loose.
  • Keep track of your symptoms.  It's helpful to know how long the tooth has been bothering you, what causes the tooth to feel better or worse, how severe the pain is at its worst, etc.
  • If your tooth has been knocked out completely, call us as soon as possible.  If possible, wash any debris off the tooth with water and place it back in the socket.  Try to handle the tooth by the crown rather than the root.  If this isn't possible, place it in a glass of milk and try to visit our office within a couple hours.
  • If for some reason you are not able to reach us and you have a severe facial injury, excessive bleeding, obvious swelling, uncontrollable pain, trouble breathing, or you suspect a fractured bone, visit a nearby emergency room immediately.  Although rare, some dental emergencies can be serious and need proper attention from a health professional as soon as possible.