Preventive Treatments in Fort Collins, CO

Group of Laughing Adults | Dentist Fort Collins COKeeping your body healthy contributes to your enjoyment of life and allows you to participate fully in your favorite activities. You probably take the time to take good care of your body, but you may not realize the tremendous impact that oral health has on your overall body wellness.

At Buxton Family Dental, we stay current with the latest news and advances in dentistry to ensure that you receive the highest standard of care. In recent years, numerous studies have been conducted that reveal a connection between the health of your mouth and your overall health. This research shows that chronic dental disease can contribute to heart disease, respiratory illness, pregnancy complications, and even some cancers.

Protect Your Family’s Oral Health

It’s great if you are already practicing conscientious oral hygiene, but your effort must be paired with semi-annual exams and cleanings to keep your smile healthy. Both work hand in hand to keep your smile healthy by staying a step ahead of cavities and gum disease.

Woman in dental chair | Ft. Collins DentistDuring your exam, Dr. Buxton will check all your teeth and gums and note any changes since your last visit. If a problem has developed, he will talk to you about your options so you can make decisions about treatment that fits your needs. For your safety, every exam also includes an oral cancer screening.

No matter how well you brush, only a professional cleaning by one of our skilled hygienists can completely clear away the plaque and tartar that build up on your teeth and cause disease. We are proud of our hygienists who always receive glowing reviews from our patients about their gentle treatment!

Prevention for Children

Keeping your child current with routine exams and cleanings is just as important for them as it is for you, if not more so. We like to see kids starting at age one or when the first baby teeth appear. The sooner we start seeing your child, the better the chance that we can help them avoid dental issues as an adult.

As part of your child’s routine exam, we will check to see if they would benefit from a topical fluoride application. The city of Fort Collins fluoridates their water, but if your child drinks a lot of bottled water or juices, they may need supplemental fluoride to help protect and strengthen their teeth.

Another beneficial preventive treatment for kids is dental sealants. A sealant is a thin coating of plastic applied to the uneven surfaces of teeth like molars that are especially prone to cavities. The material seals out bacteria and food particles and minimizes the risk of decay.

Your Healthy Smile Starts Here!

Whether you are a dental superstar or you have gotten a little too relaxed with your dental care, please call Buxton Family Dental. We won’t ever lecture or shame you about the condition of your teeth because our concern is not where your oral health has been but where it’s going... starting today!