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Are You Anxious When You Visit the Dentist? We Have Solutions!

April 21, 2019
Posted By: Buxton Family Dental
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Feeling fearful about visiting your dentist is quite common and affects millions of Americans. However, if anxiety keeps you away from the dentist, it can create a vicious cycle where you avoid dental treatment until you are in pain, which causes even more anxious feelings because now you need a more complex procedure to restore your dental health. 

At Buxton Family Dental, we want to help you get the dentistry you need in the most comfortable manner possible, so we offer different levels of sedation dentistry in Fort Collins to help you feel at ease.

Nitrous Oxide

The mildest form of dental sedation is Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas). It's delivered in the form of a gas that helps you feel relaxed right away, and it leaves your system just as soon so you can get on with your day. Nitrous is safe to use during most procedures, and it works for both adults and children. For many patients, nitrous is the only dental sedation required to help them get the procedures they need.

Oral Sedation

For patients that need deeper relaxation, oral sedation may be ideal. Oral sedation is delivered in the form a pill taken one hour before your procedure, and it helps you feel relaxed to the point where you might just feel like you're asleep even though you're still conscious and responsive. The medication also has an amnesic effect, so most patients have little to no memory of their treatment. You will need transportation arranged to and from your appointment if you choose oral sedation. 

IV Sedation

IV sedation uses medication delivered intravenously, which means that it can be adjusted as needed throughout your procedure. This is the deepest level of dental sedation we offer at Buxton Family Dental, and it is ideal for patients with mental or physical special needs, severe anxiety, or multiple complex treatment procedures that they'd like to complete during one visit. Again, you'll need someone to drive you to and from your appointment, and you should plan to take the remainder of the day off to recover if you choose IV sedation.

Your comfort is always our top priority at Buxton Family Dental. Contact us today to learn more about sedation dentistry in Fort Collins.

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