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Root Canals Are Your Ticket to Relief: Here’s How it Works

April 30, 2019
Posted By: Buxton Family Dental

Do you get a twinge of anxiety when you hear that you need a root canal? Even people who are usually proactive about their oral health may hesitate to pick up the phone and schedule a root canal.

We’ve all heard the jokes and horror stories, so who wouldn’t worry? But the truth is that it’s not the procedure itself that is painful; it’s an infection in your tooth that causes your pain. A root canal removes the infection and the pain along with it.

Let’s take a look at why you’re in pain and how a root canal in Fort Collins, CO relieves it.

Why Does Your Tooth Hurt?

Deep inside your tooth is an area called the pulp chamber. It contains the blood vessels and nerves that keep your tooth alive.

If untreated decay or an injury to the tooth causes an infection that reaches the pulp area, you will experience pain. The longer you wait for treatment, the worse the pain gets.

How Does a Root Canal Relieve Your Pain?

Since it’s the infection that is causing a toothache, it makes sense that removing it would relieve your discomfort. And that’s what a root canal does.

The first step is to get the tooth good and numb with a local anesthetic. You shouldn’t feel anything but some pressure, so definitely let your dentist know immediately if you’re not comfortable.

You may experience some soreness in the area for a few days after your procedure. But most people find relief with an over-the-counter pain reliever like ibuprofen.

Do You Need a Root Canal?

The team at Buxton Family Dental is committed to providing our patients with comfortable root canal treatment in Fort Collins, CO. Dr. Kendall Buxton has many ways to improve your experience including gentle injections, nitrous oxide, and oral conscious sedation.

If you are in pain, don’t delay calling us for an emergency dental appointment at (970) 482-6333.

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