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I'm afraid of needles. Do you have to give me a shot?

Teeth can only feel one thing - pain.  Fortunately, we live in a day and age where that pain can be eliminated in order to repair and preserve teeth.  There is a wide variety of gadgets and techniques that have been developed to make getting numb easier,  but sadly, needles are still involved with the vast majority of those methods.    At Buxton Family Dental we take great pride in our ability to make dental care as comfortable as possible even for people with a fear of needles.  With a little extra time and patience getting numb does not have to be a miserable experience. 

First we rub a very strong topical anesthetic onto your cheek to start the numbing process.  Next we warm our anesthetic so that it is body temperature.  When the anesthetic is placed the key is to go very, very slowly.  Many people believe that the pinch they feel comes from the needle itself, but most of that discomfort actually comes from the local anesthetic delivered to the tissues.  Once the anesthetic has had adequate time to work, we can begin fixing your tooth, but we always go cautiously to make sure your teeth are comfortable.  Every individual is different.  If you take extra time or extra anesthetic to get numb, we'll note it for the next time.  If you have any dental anxiety about this part of dentistry, we're more than happy to help and give you the extra care you need!

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