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If you are faced with an unexpected dental cost or need some help with out-of-pocket expenses, interest-free CareCredit is a great solution.

CareCredit allows you to get the care you need today, then finance the balance over a six-month period. When you make all your payments on time and you pay the full balance within the agreed six-month period, you will not be charged any interest. 

In addition to dentistry, CareCredit can also be used for other health and wellness expenses like vision, hearing, dermatology, cosmetic, and even veterinary care for your furry companion!

If you are interested in applying for CareCredit, please ask a member of our team or visit CareCredit.com

Frequently Asked Questions

Going to the dentist is always in the top five of any list for a human's greatest fears!  Because of this your comfort is a top priority at Buxton Family Dental.  How do we ensure this? 

First of all, you can expect our team to do everything possible to put you at ease!  We strive for a culture among our team members that expects a high level of customer service and special attention for individuals that walk through our doors.    A visit to the dentist can be a very different thing for each person so be sure to let us know what will help you in particular. 

We also updated our space a short while ago with the intent to make our office warm and inviting.  When you walk in the door you'll find a comfortable reception area with water, coffee, magazines and more.  In the treatment rooms you'll find that our dental chairs are comfortable and newly upholstered.  We have blankets and neck pillows for added comfort and protective sunglasses to keep you safe and to keep our dental lights out of your eyes.  Many patients prefer a little distraction while they're in our chairs so we have overhead TV screens to play movies, TV, or a slideshow with relaxing pictures.  You can even completely drown us out with our noise-canceling headphones if desired. 

Lastly, you have our promise that we'll complete any necessary treatment as comfortably as possible.  Read our other FAQ on dental injections or our page about sedation options for more.  Dental visits can be intimidating, but take our word that we've done our best here to make your visit as comfortable as possible!

We know that many patients put off dental treatment because they feel it is out of reach for them financially. But at Buxton Family Dental, we offer financing options that allow you to get the treatment you need today without a lot of worry or stress.

If you have dental insurance, our knowledgeable team will be happy to guide you through the process and answer your questions about the coverage for your procedures. We provide pre-treatment estimates and accept almost all PPO insurances, and we will be happy to file your claim on your behalf.

We are also in-network with many insurances including Delta Dental, MetLife, United Concordia, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. Please call our office or check our financial page for a full listing of all the insurances we accept.

No insurance? No worries! We are pleased to offer our patients the convenience of our Buxton Family Dental Savings Plan. To participate, you pay a reasonable annual membership fee for you and the members of your family. The membership fee pays for all preventive care for the next 12 months (two six-month exams and cleanings, fluoride treatment, x-rays, etc.). Also, membership provides a 20 to 25% discount on any additional dental treatment needed during the 12-month period.

We are also pleased to accept CareCredit, a credit card for healthcare costs that allows you to pay off your expenses interest-free over a six-month period. Please contact us for more about this option!

If you have financial concerns, please do not hesitate to talk to us. We believe that good oral health should be a priority for everyone, so we will work with you to find the solution that fits your budget. Please call our Fort Collins dental office to learn more!

Teeth can only feel one thing - pain.  Fortunately, we live in a day and age where that pain can be eliminated in order to repair and preserve teeth.  There is a wide variety of gadgets and techniques that have been developed to make getting numb easier,  but sadly, needles are still involved with the vast majority of those methods.    At Buxton Family Dental we take great pride in our ability to make dental care as comfortable as possible even for people with a fear of needles.  With a little extra time and patience getting numb does not have to be a miserable experience. 

First we rub a very strong topical anesthetic onto your cheek to start the numbing process.  Next we warm our anesthetic so that it is body temperature.  When the anesthetic is placed the key is to go very, very slowly.  Many people believe that the pinch they feel comes from the needle itself, but most of that discomfort actually comes from the local anesthetic delivered to the tissues.  Once the anesthetic has had adequate time to work, we can begin fixing your tooth, but we always go cautiously to make sure your teeth are comfortable.  Every individual is different.  If you take extra time or extra anesthetic to get numb, we'll note it for the next time.  If you have any dental anxiety about this part of dentistry, we're more than happy to help and give you the extra care you need!

To become a dentist most doctors start with a university bachelor's degree and follow it with four years of dental school to earn a DDS or DMD.  If a dentist finds one field of study that particularly interests them they can gain additional training by completing a residency in one of the NINE recognized dental specialties?  This can take an additional two to five years. 

If you have particular dental needs that go beyond the scope of general dentistry you may be referred to one of these specialty doctors for treatment.  At Buxton Family Dental we try to provide a wide range of treatment to serve our patients as best we can, but we also understand that a referral to a specialist is often in the best interest of the patient.  Some procedures require the expertise and experience of the doctors that provide these more specialized services on a daily basis.  Because of this, we understand the importance of forming good relationships with the specialists in our area and we are fortunate to live in an area where we have many good specialists to choose from.

These are the specialties the typical patient is most likely to encounter:

  • Orthodontist - Experts in straightening the teeth and jaws with braces.  They mostly treat teenagers, but more and more adults are visiting orthodontists for their crooked teeth.
  • Endodontist - Many toothaches end up needing a root canal.  Root canal treatment can be a very difficult procedure to complete depending on the situation and that's where these root canal experts come in handy!
  • Oral Surgeon - Known especially for removing wisdom teeth, but also treat injury, disease and perform many other complicated surgeries in the oral and maxillofacial region.
  • Periodontist - These specialists focus on the structures supporting your teeth.  They are known mainly for treating gum disease, but they also perform many other surgeries such as placing implants and gum grafts.
  • Pedodontist - Experts in the care and treatment of children.
  • Prosthodontist - If restoring or replacing your teeth is a more complicated situation than is usual, you may find yourself visiting a prosthodontist.
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